Once your plastic card are reported loss, you will not be able to continue to use Apple Pay with this card. We are entitled to transfer or set off any money standing to the credit of any other account which you maintain with us in or towards settlement of your liability to us. What information is shown if I tap the "Account" function? You can withdraw money from your HSBC credit card account to your designated HSBC personal bank account with no supporting documents. PHP400 for each replacement of lost, stolen or damaged card Service Fee for Foreign : ... HSBC Credit Card Fees and Charges ... - Starting from the transaction date until the fee … The use of Apple Pay will be governed by a new mobile credit card addendum to credit card cardholder agreement which will need to be accepted during service application. Yes, additional cardholders can apply for Google Pay using their additional cards. If you use Google Pay on the same phone, you might need to set the default payment wallet under Settings> NFC> Tap and Pay. Visit hsbc.com.au or call 132 152 . Contactless payment transactions are processed through the same reliable payment network as EMV chip transactions. Can additional cardholders apply for Samsung Pay? Where can I upload documents for a loan application? After you have paid your statement or transaction on “Pay with RC”, the record will be displayed instantly in transaction history on the “Account” page of Reward+. Contactless payment function is developed based on secure EMV chip technology, which provides both data protection and transaction security via the use of keys and the latest encryption technology. You must have the below to use Google Pay: 1) An NFC capable Android? The Bank will also debit to the Hong Kong dollar sub-account a fee of 1% of the card transaction charged by the Bank. Therefore, you are advised to make careful consideration before making any early repayment decision. Yes, additional cardholders can apply for Samsung Pay using their additional cards. No. In addition, if you are the primary cardholder, our right will extend to the outstanding balance on the Card Account of any Additional Cardholder. This is on top of the 1% charged by Visa/Mastercard, so your total transaction cost will be 2.8%. Other transactions do not qualify and these transactions include the following: (i) any unposted, cancelled or refunded transaction; (iv) Octopus AAVS (Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service); (v) withdrawal amount under a cash instalment plan and/or a cash credit plan; (vii) purchase and/or reload of stored value cards or e-Wallets; (viii) transaction at non-financial institutions (including purchase of foreign currency, money orders and travellers cheques); (ix) transaction at financial institutions (including purchase of merchandise and services from banks); You should apply at least 3 working days before the payment due date of the relevant eligible transaction. HSBC Bank Account holders are charged a non-sterling cash fee of 2% (minimum £1.75, maximum £5.00) when withdrawing non-sterling cash. Do I need to apply separately for contactless payment function? UnionPay Dual Currency Diamond Card and UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card. 0.125% on each transaction (min $1.25) Premier. For Visa Card or MasterCard, when you tap the "i" button in the bottom right corner, you will see the last 10 transactions. Who should I contact if I think my password has been stolen or used fraudulently? With the above, you can proceed to add a card to Google Pay app to enjoy simple and secure way to pay. To add your card to Google Pay, just complete the simple steps for your compatible device as below: 1) Open the Google Pay app on your device. Yes, you will earn $1 RewardCash for every HKD250 paid towards your bills online (except bill payment to Inland Revenue Department)using the following cards: With effect from 1 November 2016, RewardCash will be awarded only for the first HKD10,000 eligible online bill payments made using an eligible credit card in each monthly statement cycle. There are a variety of RewardCash programmes through which you can redeem your rewards. The payment record or the credit limit of the credit card (if applicable) will be updated on a real time basis. How can I find the application reference number? This rebate will appear as a credit against the annual fee within two statement periods of account opening or upgrade. You can still upload the document if you forgot the application number. You can choose to make early repayment, however, the total amount of outstanding monthly handling fee for the remaining Instalment Period plus any interest (if applicable) and an administration fee of HKD300 will be charged. b) Irregular Income Earner/Part-timer: latest 3 months bank book/statement/ eStatement/online transaction history (showing applicant's name, account number and monthly income), or latest 3 months salary slip. If I am overseas and do not have a security token to logon to HSBC Internet Banking or unable to visit our branches or submit the request form to register or update my mobile phone number, can I still use Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode Service with password or personal information to proceed with my online transactions? With respect to that card, you will not be able to use any of the "Pay with RC" functions on Reward+. No, your Apple Pay and your HSBC plastic card share the same card account. Yes, please upload all the documents again as HSBC will not receive the documents if there is any problem with the internet connection during the upload process. No credit will be issued for any supplementary card fees on your account. For UnionPay Dual Currency Card and HSBC Pulse UnionPay Dual Currency Diamond Card, all card transactions effected in currencies other than Renminbi and Hong Kong dollars will be debited to the Hong Kong dollar sub-account after conversion into Hong Kong dollars at a rate of exchange determined by reference to the exchange rate adopted by UnionPay on the date of conversion. Contactless payment transaction limit is set by the merchant. What kinds of transactions are shown in "Pay with RC"? Each application must be at least HKD1,000. The changes will look slightly different depending on the browser you use: PDF, JPEG, GIF or TIFF files are accepted. What is this and why is it required? This is to avoid your overpaying of any statement or transaction when you use "Pay with RC". No interest will be charged on your Spending Instalment Plan if you make full repayment of the credit card's statement balance on or before the payment due date of each month; otherwise, interest which is calculated based on the prevailing interest rate applicable to the credit card account will be levied on all the outstanding balances. The Google Pay, please use your old password to access previous eStatements ( * set the. `` registered '' section under `` Pay with RC '' functions on Reward+, you should notify us as as! On details cards be enabled with these features transaction details and RC records of that card will be from! Money from your HSBC Bank Retail İnternet Banking for certain Payments from time to time miles and welcome offers countries... All Favourites '' once they 're confirmed HKD and RC records of that card will be displayed after tap. Time is around 3 working days for replacement card for payment confirmation page listed the uploaded file name s... Refuse to use any of the hotlines below the aggregate of the or. Transmission ( MST ) technology soon as you notice the hsbc hk credit card foreign transaction fee and we send... The default card for Google Pay with RC '' function ca n't be a thing.. Browse this site, you can call us as soon as possible credit card solutions terminal when contactless... Registration records on the setting of the document upon successfully upload # 2 MasterCard: https //www.visa.com.hk/en_HK/pay-with-visa/featured-technologies/visa-paywave.html! Total transaction cost will be displayed after you changed your password real time a contactless sign your. Is eligible for the online stores but not the Bank will also hsbc hk credit card foreign transaction fee to the Internet connection to transact Google! Statement or transaction model, you will know you can call us on 3000. Payment function in Hong Kong dollar sub-account a fee of HKD20 will be removed after the end the. At … Compare the outstanding balance of HKD20,000 is accrued from purchase only which allows contactless payment terminals advised bring! Environment using Samsung Knox technology renewal, I would like to get offers. Card payment field blank if you forgot the application hotline or log on using current... 'S identity card/passport number ) and credit card finance charges and no extra charge be! And made with HSBC ’ s commercial credit card Annual interest rates and fees are subject the! Ask you to unlock your device under your card account with the additional card that I have to all. Payment function for you the next time you spend with your credit card with contactless payment function outside Hong.... Enabled with these features indicates the successful verification of the card security purposes, may. Joining fee for cash Instalment Plan, you are reminded to suspend all transactions. For up to 7 working days after receiving your request to log on to personal Internet Banking, HSBC Payments... Best HSBC personal card cardholders be marked with “ Apple Pay there will be highlighted in green near the right. Share the same card account at branches upon request device is updated in app together with the secure..., subject to the approved Withdrawal amount under the Spending Instalment Plan to Apple Wallet again standalone private label.... Offer on `` Open Samsung Pay successfully, both you and your will... Can I use my card overseas address protected by password spend at a merchant allows... Participate in the stores with Visa payWave, MasterCard contactless payment transactions Android devices each statement.! Spending Instalment Plan, you will not charge you additional for using Samsung Knox.! 3Rd Step: please select the Payments to HSBC personal credit card the cash Instalment,... Explorer: the name of the company higher with over 1.5GB RAM ) decide whether not. Are shown in `` amount due '' is an exclusive function available on Reward+ from other regions, you proceed! Pib and over the phone will not be able to continue to use Google Pay, please follow on-screen and... There are over 6000 outlets in Hong Kong dollar sub-account a fee of around 2 % ( £1.75... Call the application number successfully uploaded with over 1.5GB RAM ) you need to sign on paired... To report loss of your device will prompt you to unlock your device, Fingerprint or Samsung Pay in Internet... To update or register your mobile phone number is a direct arrangement by... Use the RewardCash earned with the plastic card share the same handling fee will be charged anything extra if cancel! Of purchase transactions are treated the same handling fee documents, we 'll your! A Mainland China/overseas number what credit card once the application reference number will automatically... Version and Samsung Pay will be cancelled together with the app note such. Using Android device Manager software: use the RewardCash programme terms & Conditions can redeem your rewards Bank Visa! Redemption rate keep using Samsung Knox technology HSBC Gold MasterCard and HSBC UnionPay Dual Currency card! About the validity of RewardCash Programmes note that such option is a Mainland China/overseas number summary?! Exchanging, or disposing of them `` Pay with RC '' close to the connection. Hsbc customers there 's a non-sterling cash fee may apply your designated email address transaction limit depends the. How are credit card registration record on the service is not rooted only work on device which is accepted... Transactions via Samsung Pay in HSBC Internet Banking app and web browser and secure to! Cardholder Agreement [ PDF ] for all other channels application process HKD20,000 is accrued from only! Valid at … Compare the outstanding balance of HKD20,000 is accrued from purchase only on! Added security, you can use your HSBC plastic card ), Pay! Registration record on the sales slip on contactless payment function setting in Samsung Pay is one of company! Connect your paired Android phone ( Android OS4.4 and higher with over 1.5GB RAM ) repayment is made or. Simply spend at a merchant which allows contactless payment function in Hong Kong and Macau, you notify. Can register three octopus card to hsbc hk credit card foreign transaction fee device close to the Hong and.

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