The general information telephone number is (609) 292-6260. There are five types of municipalities: cities, towns, boroughs, townships, and villages. Essex County, NJ Hudson County, NJ Middlesex County, NJ Morris County, NJ Somerset County, NJ Richmond County, NY. NJPropertyRecords: Search NJ Tax Records & Assessment Data Did you mean? Also available are yearly and multi-year air quality reports. metro are in the south. Only the citizens of New Jersey can access these records. It is linked to New York and Pennsylvania by many bridges, as well as the famous Holland and Lincoln Tunnels under the Hudson River. This is different than in Washington, where bids and proposals for most types of contracts are public records, and confidentiality of trade secrets is limited to only certain types of contracts such as highway construction and health services. Employers who hire New Jersey residents to work in the state of New Jersey must abide by the Federal FCRA. These records are maintained by the Clerk Office and are available to the public Monday through Friday from 8:30 to … Search New Jersey Department of Corrections inmate records by name, county, facility location, birth date range and physical characteristics. Personal check or money order should be made payable to New Jersey General Treasury. The state motto is Liberty and Prosperity. This figure represents a 9% dip in overall crime rate compared to the 2015 total. Average temperatures range from lows in the mid-20s to highs in the mid-80s. Strategically situated between the port cities of New York and Philadelphia, northern and central New Jersey became a major manufacturing center during the Industrial Revolution in the early part of the 19th Century. On the other hand, it is #41 in cost of living, largely due to its high cost of housing and high level of taxation. Complete directory of all professional and occupational licensing agencies in the state of New Jersey. Search New Jersey Department of Health licensed long term and acute care facilities in New Jersey by type of facility, name of facility or county. Search New Jersey Department of the Treasury medical, professional, construction and vendor debarment database by firm name, or individual name, category or reason, or view all debarment listings. Search for New Jersey polling locations by address, city and county. Database includes hearings, advertisements for bids, financial reports, adoption of ordinances, sheriff sales, foreclosures, town board meetings, variances applied for and variances granted, plus many other types of public legal notices. New Jersey public records do, however, contain some limitations. You can inspect all "public records" of the government bodies subject to the New Jersey OPRA. The State Archives has a dual statutory mission: first, to preserve and protect New Jersey’s public records; and second, to facilitate access to them by the public. To learn more, click the following link: Do not sell my info, Search New Jersey Public Records by Record Type. Official Site of The State of New Jersey. Search NJ Tax Assessment Records - Search by: Address, Block & Lot, Owners Last Name - Deed Date, Sale Price, Acreage, Absentee, Taxes, Year Built and more. New Jersey’s public records law is called the Open Public Records Act (N.J.S.A. View the United States Drug Enforcement Administration's interactive map of locations in New Jersey where law enforcement agencies reported they found chemicals or other items that indicated the presence of either clandestine drug laboratories or dumpsites. These records include birth, death, marriage licenses, & divorce decrees. View tax assessment records for free. Users can also conduct search for abductors or critically missing children through active AMBER alerts. Fast access to New Jersey public record sources at the state level. The Open Public Records Act (OPRA) is a new state law that was enacted to give the public greater access to government records maintained by public agencies in New Jersey. Gloucester County. Search New Jersey obituary records by name of deceased, date of death or obituary keyword through this paid service. Available information includes photos, missing posters, missing date, missing from city and state, physical description, vehicle information, if available, and any additional details. [2]. Search for free public records online. Welcome to the Atlantic County Clerk Official Records Public Search. The division holds records of all vital records including birth records from the year 1911. Vital records are the official records that are kept by the local governments. A probate record search provides information on wills, estate distributions, heirs, surviving dependents, creditors, court ordered distributions, probate petitions, estate accounts, estate inventories, and genealogical information. According to New Jersey's FOIA law, "government records shall be readily accessible for inspection, copying, or examination by the citizens of this State, with certain exceptions, for the protection of the public interest, and any limitations on the right of access accorded by P.L.1963, c.73 (C.47:1A-1 et seq.) Users may also reserve an available business name prior to filing business formation documents for a fee. View New Jersey statistics for population, ethnicity, housing, geography and businesses from the U.S. Census Bureau. Editors frequently monitor and verify these resources on a routine basis. New Jersey Public Records. Contract results include contract number, contract description, vendor name, contract begin date and end date. We are striving to develop the most comprehensive, New Jersey Land Records and Deeds Directory, New Jersey Foreclosures and Tax Lien Sales Directory, New Jersey Assessor and Property Tax Records Directory, New Jersey Sustainability and Environmental Health Directory, New Jersey Traffic Cameras and Reports Directory, New Jersey Crimes and Crime Data Directory, New Jersey Employee Directory Records Resources, New Jersey Government Jobs and Employment Listings Resources, New Jersey Jail and Inmate Records Directory, New Jersey Sex Offender Registration Directory, New Jersey Professional Licenses Directory, New Jersey Permits and Inspections Directory, New Jersey Voter and Elections Information Directory,, Survey of Public Record Laws Affecting Public Contracts, New Jersey Revised Statutes section 2C:39-13, New Jersey Birth, Death and Marriage Records, New Jersey Campaign Finance Report Search, New Jersey Corporations, Trademark and Service Mark Search, New Jersey Court Records and other Resources, New Jersey Employment Background Check Laws, New Jersey Environmental Protection Programs, New Jersey Environmental Protection Records, New Jersey Mortgage Foreclosure Assistance, New Jersey Securities Enforcement Actions. Certain records may not be available for public inspection in accordance with Federal and State statutes and the Rules Governing the Courts of the State of New Jersey or court order. View New Jersey Division of Elections 1924 to present general election results and primary election results by date. There are two types of public records: personal public records and business or government public records. All information provided on the website is public information. This ensures New Jersey residents are able to use their right to access and obtain public records in accordance with the New Jersey Inspection of Public Records Act , which presumes that all government information and records available to the public. Perform a free New Jersey public birth records search, including birth certificates, birth indexes, birth databases, and birth dates. Search the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) website for missing children by name, city, date range or physical description. [4]. Search public school teachers records released from the New Jersey State Department of Education by name, county, district or school. Public records requests must be in writing and can be made in person, by mail or electronically. In New Jersey, with several exceptions, police reports are considered public records and are available under the Open Public Records Act, or OPRA. Only defendants with a case(s) on which he or she was convicted and sentenced in Superior Court, will display in your search results. The League often holds seminars on OPRA, the dates of which can be found in the Professional Development section. View the State of New Jersey employment information including job openings with the state, one-stop job search, how to become a fire fighter, how to become a State police officer, job fairs around the state, and other government job related links. Request your New Jersey driver history abstract online through the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA). New Jersey Public Records The state of New Jersey does have laws that give its citizens the freedom to access the state’s public records. View links to New Jersey state and local court records, general New Jersey court information, directory of courts, and online resources for courts in New Jersey. Search New Jersey state agency phone directory by department name, organization name or phone number. • Bergen County GIS Map… Its capital is Trenton. Available reports include school enrollment, dropouts, staff evaluation, school performance reports, statewide school assessment reports, and state aid summaries. View New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance list of automobile insurance companies authorized to do business in New Jersey. The published list pertains to uncollected tax liabilities owed to the Division of Taxation. Certain records are not available for public inspection in accordance with statutes and the Rules of Court Governing the State of New Jersey Judiciary. Each state has public records and government documents that are unique to the area. Common examples of confidential records include those View information about available New Jersey archive collections including 1666-1799 marriage records, 1878-1884 death records, 1848-1867 marriage index, 1885 census, 1847-1947 legal name changes, and 1776-1782 Revolutionary War damages, and more. View New Jersey Department of Education school report card assessment results by year including historical report card data from 2001 to present. Vital records are also available from local vital records offices in the municipality where the event occurred. In some counties, the processing of county public records are not even handled by the county government, but rather use the unified New Jersey County Recording service. View New Jersey State Police 12 most wanted persons by name including photos and charges. Search a compilation of public notices from the New Jersey Press Association by newspaper or county, date range, or specific word or phrase. Searches can be filtered by New Jersey cities. Search New Jersey voter registration status by name, month of birth, and year of birth. Vendors can be searched by vendor id, vendor name, vendor keyword, and more. View New Jersey Division of Taxation top business taxpayers, and top individual taxpayers listings. The State Archives is New Jersey's official research center for public records of enduring historical value. These links will direct you to the best website or contact information for the record you are searching for in this state. New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act (OPRA) dictates that all New Jersey citizens may access and copy New Jersey’s public records. List includes name of insurance company, telephone number, and link to either insurance company or agent. The public has the right under OPRA to examine or obtain copies of those public records that are not subject to exceptions from disclosure. We have provided helpful categories and links to popular public access documents to help you in your records search. New Jersey passed its own Constitution on July 2, 1776, two days before the Declaration of Independence was signed. In contrast, the state boasts 565 municipalities, all bordered by other municipalities. These laws impact the lives of local officials daily. Results include date, type of action and summary of order. View New Jersey Department of Corrections listing of prison escapees including photo, name, birth date, sex, race, county of commitment, date out of custody, and facility escaped from. State Public Records. New Jersey public records are some of the most limited, but that does not mean that there isn't a considerable amount of information available. Users can also search for contributions by contributor or for a specific election or year. Search New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission public sector contracts by employer or organization name, contract term, or employer category.; Services; Agencies; FAQs; Translate. View the New Jersey Bureau of Securities enforcement actions in alphabetical order by name. To find them, see our directory database below for all types, such as vital records, criminal records, and court records. There are many different types of records, including New Jersey birth records, criminal records, and business records. Vital Statistic & Public Records. Here are more examples of public access records from New Jersey at the state level; many more types of local records may be found if you search by county. Open Public Records Act (OPRA) The following is an information center for local governments pertaining to the New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA). Available information includes date of incident and address. None of the information offered by this site can be used for assessing or evaluating a person's eligibility for employment, housing, insurance, credit, or for any other purpose covered under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. [5] Other types of public records and documents found in New Jersey include reports of contaminated sites, library databases, and top business and individual debtor listings. Vital Records in New Jersey. Debtors appearing on the lists are encouraged to contact the Division of Taxation. Cumberland County Record Vault has the county land records recorded since 1748, or the year the Cumberland separated from Salem County. View New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission lobbyist annual reports and data summary, and lobbyist quarterly reports and quarterly summary by name of lobbyist or registered entities. View New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection air quality data including current statewide readings, current status of pollutants and forecasts for New Jersey. View New Jersey State Parole Board list of inmates who are considered for parole by month and county. Quite the contrary, all states have released almost the entirety of the public records as requested by the FIA. He then researched New Jersey’s vital records laws, to see what they had to say about birth, marriage, and death records — and their indices. Confidential records and information will not be returned in your search results. We have tried to ensure that the information contained in this electronic search system is accurate. Depending on the county, either the county clerk, county gis mapping department, county recorders department or tax assessment department may maintain public access to property and parcel records. Crime Numbers. Search for New Jersey probate records. Bid results include bid number, buyer name, bid description, purchase method, and bid opening date. Personal records typically document major events in a person’s life, such as birth certificates, marriage records, divorce records, death certificates, etc. Union County Court Records. Southern New Jersey remained mostly agricultural, earning the state’s nickname: The Garden State. Now, in New Jersey, the primary state level department tasked with releasing birth records is the Office of Vital Records and Registry, a division of the New Jersey Department of Health. This is different than in Washington, where bids and proposals for most types of contracts are public records, and confidentiality of trade secrets is limited to only certain types of contracts such as … In theory, New Jersey's public records law, the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) is pretty good. View listings and photos of the most wanted persons of the Drug Enforcement Administration, New Jersey Field Division. New Jersey is crucial link in the transportation corridor that serves the entire East Coast megalopolis from Boston in the north to the Baltimore/D.C. Many Public Records are available at local County Clerks, Recorders, and … All requests must include a photocopy of … Search New Jersey total compensation and benefit costs of top New Jersey school administrators by name, county, school district, title, base salary and contract cost. Probate Records Near Me Website includes information about civil union licenses and domestic partnerships. Users may browse names online free of charge. A MyMVC account number is required to use this application. [1], Among all states, New Jersey is ranked #2 in education and #3 in household income. With its long history, dense population, and numerous municipalities, New Jersey has an abundance of public records. Results include name and address of facility including link to facility website. View New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection reports of New Jersey active sites with confirmed contamination, pending sites with confirmed contamination, and closed sites with remediated contamination. For information about additional vital records, users can visit the State Archives website (link provided). [3] A multitude of records are available, such as court records and arrest records, but it can be difficult to know where to access them. Online records are available as all marriage records today are considered public property. For example, in New Jersey, bids and proposals are public records but trade secrets, financial information, and any other information that could give an advantage to competitors is not subject to disclosure. The state office does not store divorce records. New Jersey Public Records. The Sayreville Public Records (New Jersey) links below open in a new window and will take you to third party websites that are useful for finding Sayreville public records. For example, New Jersey makes it illegal to wear a bullet-proof vest while committing a crime. New Jersey Public Records Examples of records deemed restricted to public access include criminal investigation records, legislative records, medical examiner records, private personal information, trade secrets & proprietary information, and victims records. Third party databases have made it easier than ever to search for marriage records from many states. Website also includes link to charity information such as income and expenses. Public records are official records that document major life milestones in a person’s life or government records that are made public to any member of the community.

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